Second Chance Leasing Dallas / Houston



1. Q : How much do I need to make to qualify for an apartment? A: You need to make three times the rent to qualify.


2. Q : How does second chance leasing work?  A: There will be a higher deposit, you get your deposit back if you take care of the apartment.


3. Q: Do I need to know my credit score? A: You need to know your credit score and how much you owe any

properties or utility companies. Check your credit for free at before applying anywhere.


4. Q: Do I have to pay off my rental debt before I apply at an apartment? A : You may be asked to pay off your property debt before approval but this is not common.


5. Q: Do I have to have good rental history in order to be approved at an apartment? A : You may be required to have good rental history after your property debt but this is not common.


6. Q: How many properties can I owe maximum in order to be approved? A: You cannot have more than 2 property debts.


7. Q: How old does my eviction have to be before I apply at your properties? A: Evictions must be over 1 year old, Broken leases must be over 6 months old. There are properties on craigslist that take them more recently but they do not work with my company.


8. Q: Why did one property tell me yes and the other one told me no? A: All second chance properties unfortunately do not have the same criteria and are not guaranteed to approve you. Different owners and property management companies. 


9.  Q: How much can I owe a previous property to be approved easily? A: All properties have different policies but generally if you owe under 1500 dollars your chances of being approved are very high.


10. Q: Does starting a payment plan or paying off my rental debt improve my chances of being approved?  A: Starting a payment plan on your property debt before you apply for an apt greatly increases your chances of being approved.


11. Q: What if my bankruptcy is open? A: Bankruptcies must be closed unfortunately before you apply at any of the apartments that work with our company. There are possibly some that take open bankruptcies on


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