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Top 10 things you should know about Second chance Leasing in Dallas

Posted on December 1, 2014 at 12:35 AM

                     Top 10 things you should know about Second chance Leasing in Dallas

1. There will more than likely be a higher deposit to cover the landlords risk of you leaving before the lease is up again.

2. If you fulfill the lease you will get back most if not all of that deposit if you take care of the apt.

3. Paying off a previous rental debt will better improve your chances of being approved.

4. If your rental debt or eviction is over 2 years old you will have a great chance of getting approved.

5. If you owe a property under 1500 dollars your chances of being approved are much higher.

6. Starting a payment plan your chances of being approved are significantly higher. 

7. Even if your broken lease or eviction is not on your credit yet landlords can still see your rental history through rental history database that all landlords report tenant history too every month.

8. Evictions generally need to be over a year old. Most properties do not take evictions from the same calendar year out of precaution. Privately owned properties on are a better option until the eviction is older.

9. Felonies cannot be violent or under 7 years old. Most property managements who work with Felonies all have the same guidelines. No crimes against people of any age, weapons charges, car burglaries, home invasions, battery of any type, assaults, lewd acts, sexual crimes or robberies are all prohibited.  These types of charges are for privately owned properties only which can be found on or other rental sites.

10. Bankruptcy and foreclosure are also in the second chance leasing family. These debts are approved on a case by case basis and generally are approved with a higher security deposit. 

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