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Top 15 Second Chance Leasing FAQs in 2021

Posted on January 12, 2021 at 12:05 AM

Most common reasons for seeking a second chance property:



  1. Owe back rent
  2. Moved out without notice
  3. Broke a lease without a cause or communication with property
  4. Eviction under 3 years old 
  5. Late or inconsistent rental payments 
  6. Lack of credit
  7. Bankruptcies
  8. Foreclosure 
  9. Negative credit marks 
  10. Negative background
  11. Lack of Credit
  12. First Time Renter
  13. High rental debt
  14. Negative renttal history in another state
  15. Rental debt owed to a former property- such as cleaning fees or damanges
If any of these sound familiar.For a free apartment list featuring second chance prooperties click the link click here!









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