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Top 10 Second chance leasing Apartments Dallas/Houston Facts 2020

Posted on March 25, 2020 at 3:50 AM

TOP 10 Second chance leasing Apartments Dallas Facts 2020

1. Pay debts off if you can. It will boost your chance of being approved by over 50 percent. If you can't pay it off, start a payment plan. Apartments love it and it makes them not feel at risk.

2. Except a higher deposit. Specials are not typical during second chance leasing. Higher deposits can reach one months rent sometimes.

3. Pay your rent on time once you secure a new lease. It will boost your credit and also you may not be required to lease at a second chance property when you leave.

4. Move in the winter months in order to save yourself money. A lot of time you can find cheaper rent and better specials during these times of the year because most people move in sure mmer and properties are trying to make money like other businesses during that time of year that typically struggle. 

5. Be sure to be honest on all applications. If properties find out there is more than one issue that was not mentioned they will keep your app fee and admin fee and sometimes even your deposit.

6. Know your credit score and whats on your credit before you apply. Its helpful for when we call apartments for you and when you go to speak to them in person. Properties will generally tell you if its a good idea to apply or not so you are not wasting money.

7. If you have more than one rental debt your list will be very short but its not impossible to get approved. They will more than likely charge you one months rent minimum. 

8. Recent evictions and open bankruptcies are nearly impossible to help. If you have one of these its best to rent from a private owner and get some good rental history and try to rent from an apt after one year of good rental history.

9. Always clean the apartment well before you move out. Properties love to tag cleaning fees on clients credit and the client will not know about them until years later once they try to move to a new property. Be sure get something in writing during your walk through that your cleaning was sufficient and there will not be a bill tacked on your credit to hinder you in the future.

10. Some properties will require you have good rental history once you try to apply for a second chance property. If you don't have good rental history from a property try to get a letter from a relative that you have been paying rent too. Especially if you have documentation showing that you paid them rent montly. It may help out a lot especially if you have other good payment history in other places on your credit report. 

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