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Leasing Criteria

Evictions must be over 1 year old. Broken leases must be over six months old. There are properties out there that work with recent evictions and recent broken leases but they do not work with our company. You can find them on No more than 2 rental debts total on your credit please.  Bankruptcies can't be open and must be closed prior to applying to an apartment.

Felony charges must be non violent, over 7 years old and closed.  If you have a felony there can be no other charges after it. Please no robberies, distribution charges,  manufacturing & delivery, grand theft auto, weapons charges, burglaries, assaults, battery, sexually related charges, no crimes against people of any age. No exceptions, my apartments do not work with those charges so sorry.

No more than 1 Felony please.  If you have one of the above listed felonies please visit and rent from a privately owned property as those are easier to rent from.

 Misdemeanors must be over 5 years, non violent and closed. No more than one misdemeanor please. The same charges as above for felonies apply for misdemeanors as well. No crimes against people. 

You must make 3x the rent of your requested desired price range.

Disclaimer * I understand this criteria has upset some clients recently and I want to reassure everyone that I am not a property owner or property management company. I unfortunately do not make the criteria of the properties that work with our company. This is what the properties email to me to relay to you. Please be thoughtful and understanding of this in the future.* 



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