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1. Q : How much do I need to make to qualify for an apartment? A: You need to make three times the rent to qualify.

2. Q : How does second chance leasing work?  A: There typically will be a higher deposit, you get your deposit back if you take care of the apartment.

3. Q: Do I need to know my credit score? A: You need to know your credit score and how much you owe any

properties or utility companies. Check your credit for free at before applying anywhere.

4. Q: Do I have to pay off my rental debt before I apply at an apartment? A : You may be asked to pay off your property debt before approval but this is not common.

5. Q: Do I have to have good rental history in order to be approved at an apartment? A : You may be required to have good rental history after your property debt but this is not common.

6. Q: How many properties can I owe maximum in order to be approved? A: You cannot have more than 2 property debts.

7. Q: How old does my eviction have to be before I apply at your properties? A: Evictions must be over 1 year old, Broken leases must be over 6 months old. There are properties on craigslist that take them more recently but they do not work with my company.

8. Q: Why did one property tell me yes and the other one told me no? A: All second chance properties unfortunately do not have the same criteria and are not guaranteed to approve you. Different owners and property management companies. 

9.  Q: How much can I owe a previous property to be approved easily? A: All properties have different policies but generally if you owe under 1500 dollars your chances of being approved are very high.

10. Q: Does starting a payment plan or paying off my rental debt improve my chances of being approved? A: Starting a payment plan on your property debt before you apply for an apt greatly increases your chances of being approved.

11. Q: What if my bankruptcy is open? A: Bankruptcies must be closed unfortunately before you apply at any of the apartments that work with our company. There are possibly some that take open bankruptcies on

12. Q: What areas do you work? We currently work the Dallas/Fort worth metro area, Greater Houston Metro area some areas of Austin and all of the greater San Antonio metro area.

13. Q: How long does it take to be approved? It typically takes anywhere from 24-48 hours to be approved unless an apartment needs more time to verify employment and rental history. Credit checks and criminal background checks are done in the first 24 hours. 

14. Q: Does own any apartments or property management companies? A: No, I am just a licensed realtor who has previously built relationships with second chance properties across the DFW and Texas. Based off those relationships we know what most properties will accept and won't accept. 

15. Are all of your properties second chance leasing? A: If you have second chance leasing needs then yes we have a previously screened list of properties that consider rental debts. Keep in mind policies can change everyday and we do our best to keep up to date with those changes by doing daily check ups. If you don't have second chance leasing needs then we also offer regular leasing apartment lists and luxury leasing. 

16. Do you work with duplexes or condos? A: No at this time we only service apartments. If you need a privately owned property like a duplex or condo you can find them on or

17. Do you offer a move in rebate? At this time no, but if a property is paying 100% commission we do sometimes offer a rebate.  Most properties only pay us 10-20% of the first months rent so not very much. I do this out of the kindness of my heart since I, myself have second chance leasing needs when I move. The other reason we do not typically offer rebates is because we prefer to do all of the leg work to get you approved, for example calling properties for you, sending lists, and giving you priceless leasing advice. Also sometimes second chance properties do not always compensate us so to protect ourselves we don't generally advertise rebates. Thank you for your understanding :)

18. Is this a Scam? No, we do not ask for your date of birth, social security number, or bank information. We also do not ask you for any kind of deposit or fee for our service. Our service is 100% Free and we are paid by your apartments once you move in. 

19. What if I don't like any of the properties you send me? At this time properties change every 30 days so if you do not like the first list please wait a few months if you can and the list may be completely different the next month. 

20.  How much do you charge? Our service is 100% free always. 

21. Why is it easier to reach you via Email and Text? At this time its much more efficient for us to email you a questionnaire to get the process started due to high call/email volumes. We receive over 200 inquiries a day so being able to call everyone back each day is not always possible. If you need to schedule a time for us to call you to discuss your situation we can do that. For the fastest most efficient service though please click here to get started

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